20 de marzo de 2006

The trip until Sydney

Well, I’m going to try to explain the trip in English from my Australian friends and for the entire people non-spanish speaker.

The trip is being amazing. There’s a lot of things to do and a lot to places to visit. The first days are being too wild for me. Normally I’m a city boy, but these days I’m becoming and expert in mosquitoes, kangaroos, and leeches. I think that I should write and article called, “how to survive in a National Park with rice, onion, bread and cheese during 4 days”.
But, anyway, at the moment all ok, just the fucking leeches, you can see the pics, and the mosquitoes, (I´ve had more than 50 bites in my body).
These days, we are in Sydney. In my opinion Sydney is not so amazing as all the people say. It’s a big city as the rest of the big cities. With its Chinatown, Botanic garden, and the Opera House, very beautiful. We are forced to be here almost a week, ´cause our care is in the garage. I hope the mechanical won’t be very expensive, but we must to repair, ´cause we have some problems with the breaks, and we must to solve it before Alice Springs. 8 days in the desert are too much days if the car is not in good condition.

At the moment, that’s all.

See you very soon, in English, of course ;-D
Greetings. Alex.

2 comentarios:

JILL dijo...

Finally!!!! You wrote the diary in English!!!!!!!
I have been waiting for a long time for this moment!!!
Thanks very much for this!!!

@lex dijo...

It was a promise ;-D I'll try to continue in english.