23 de abril de 2006

Sorry about that

So yes, sorry about that, ´cause I promised to write my blog in English as well, but is being a little bit difficult. We are from two weeks ago in never never (in the middle of nowhere), and is really difficult to find a internet connection. Even when we find it, it´s fucking expensive, just to be satellite connection in the dessert. So, when I have 30 minutes free, normally I must to continue my blog in Spanish, because is the majority numbers of readers that I have. Anyway, I´m gonna try to resume, the last weeks en this post.

We were in Adelaide for 4 days. I was visiting the city and enjoying the company of my friend Manel. Manel and Aya were very kind with me, and they invited me to a excellent japanese barbecue and I staid sleeping at their home.

After that, we went direction north, our first destiny was Copper Pedy. But, unfortunately, on the road I had a really bad experience. We were near of Hawcker, a town that it´s the door to the Flinder Rangers National Park. During this tour, we stopped the car in the middle of the road (on the side, obviously), to take some pics. And.... I forgot my bag over the boot of the car. We continued the trip again, and my bag, reminded on the road in never never thanks to me. So 1 hour later, I was looking for my bag, when I remembered all this. Quickly, we came back to the same point, but the bag wasn´t there. And inside my bag I had all my important documents: passport, Spanish ID, driver license, credit card, my phone, some cash, etc... So, you can guess that in this moment, the world fall over my. I had no money, I had no phone, I had no passport, I had absolutely nothing. Thanks to my travel mates, I´m not living in the dessert now. We spent the rest of the day, going and coming back to different town, petrol stations, pubs, etc... ´cause it was easter weekend and the police station in the area were closed. The next day, and exactly the same, nobody answered in my mobile, nobody called to me with good news, nothing. In this moment I was completely desperate, so, I call my embassy in Melbourne, and they told me that I must to go to Melbourne, to can get another provisional passport, and can withdrawal money, etc.. To me, the trip it was finished, when, finally I called an a police emergency number. I explained the situation, and a the police officer asked me "You´re Spanish, so wait, let me do a couple of calls, but I think that yesterday somebody found a bag". So, I was waiting for the call of the police officer, when finally he called me and he gave me the good news. They had my bag, but in Port Augusta, the next town where we wanted to go the next day. So all perfect, at the afternoon, we arrived to the Police Station in Port Augusta, and my bag it was there, except... 50$, my mobile phone, a little portable radio, and my wallet. But the rest of the staff important for me it was inside. So, finally, I lost just money and the mobile phone, but I can continue the trip and I have my passport, the most important for me.

After this unfortunately experience, we continued the trip to Cooper Pedy, the Opal´s world capital. It was a really very good experience. The town is in the desert and the people, who are miners and work in the miner, live underground, in places called dugouts. Is very good, ´cause as you must to know, the temperatures in the dessert are extremes, very hot during the day, and very cold during the night. And this way of life in the dugouts, keep always a very good temperature, and, the most important, there aren´t flies inside.

After Copper Pedy, we arrived to the Ayers Rock-The Olgas National Park. The famous Urulu, it´s a huge monolith in the middle of nowhere. It´s specially amazing the sunset and the sunrise in Urulu. We went in both and it was a very good experience. You can see the pics in the previous post. My fiends were to do a bush walk for the Urulu base, and I decided to climb the Urulu. I must to say, that it was really hard. About 2 hours to climb the Urulu and reach the hill, but just there, the sightseeing of the landscape it was terrific, without words. The next day we arrived to King´s Canyon, and we walk about 2 hours, to see de different wild life and vegetation, but to me, it wasn´t so amazing as Urulu.

Anyway, the next 2 days it was driving days, for this long and solitude roads. And finally, the last Friday, we arrived to Alice Springs, the biggest town-city in this central area of Australia. It´s very good ´cause you cant find most of the common services and amenities of a big city. Internet, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, cinema, etc... So, after so many days in the dessert with nothing, it was very good to spend 3 days in Alice Springs with all the commodities and relax.

The second day in Alice Springs, we discovered, that we had the tire of the car completely destroyed, so we went to the mechanic repairs shop and... 240 $ more. This trip is being very expensive. But it was for our security, so no worries mate.

And today, the 3th day, I´m in the internet coffee, waiting until 5 o´clock, where we´re gonna see the sunset in a camel tour. I think it will be a good experience. But, I´ll tell you the next time.

See ya mate.


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